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Community Care

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community care

Childhood and the affection of your parents are remarkable recollections of your life, we understand that staying away from your parents for unavoidable circumstances is not susceptible when you realise your parents are getting aged and they require someone to assist them with everyday needs and wants.

The ever-increasing rage of nuclear family systems and fast-paced lifestyle has widened the generation gaps between you and your parents, this is also making life difficult for older people. We understand that the young generation is occupied with their career paths. From being there for your parents for a tete-a-tete and for helping in their crisis, Happymindz™ is there for tailoring all your concerns just like a family member. You will have someone whom you can trust to replenish the chasms and privately take care of your parent's needs. Our conviction zeniths to see elderly with a happy smile.

Our Community Care Program, Koode, makes sure that no one is left behind in their golden age. It is a program, with a sense of community and togetherness, that started to bring all the elders under one roof. At Happymindz™, we designed community care program keeping in mind the practical problems our vintage valuables face each day and we are purposive to create a nourishing and reviving experience to age like fine wine. Koode is that dream conjured into a reality.


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